Welcome! This is the online home for Lucy Claire Curran.

In simplest terms, Lucy Claire is a freelance writer and artist living in Seattle, Washington.

As the tagline for this site indicates, she likes to compare herself to a haiku. This traditional Japanese poetic form is simple yet profound, concerned with finding the sacred in simple, everyday objects and experiences. Poems in this form often include an element of juxtaposition or surprising contrast that invites fresh interpretation. Lucy Claire loves to do a variety of different things, and her site reflects this. In the words of Walt Whitman, she “contains multitudes.”

So what does that mean?

She is a writer, yes. And an artist. And a musician. And a seeker. And she is currently serving as an Americorps member in the Puget Sound Area while she continues to write, and reflect, and paint, and explore the world.

So feel free to look around the site and see if anything piques your interest. And if you would like to hear more about upcoming projects and opportunities, you are warmly invited to subscribe to her email list.

Be well, stay classy, and remember to eat your vegetables.

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