Today is a New Day

Today is a new day. That may seem a trite or obvious statement, but I don’t view it that way. I view it as nothing short of revolutionary. I view it as one of the more empowering statements on the planet. Yesterday happened. And it may have sucked. But today is a new day. Let’s start fresh, wipe the slate clean, and begin again.

Last night, after a discouraging day, I had a discouraging thought, and I sank into a discouraging mood. “I know what tomorrow will be like,” I thought glumly as I got ready for bed. “It will be just like today.”


It’s just not true.  I caught myself in this pattern of thinking, and I was like:

“Not true. You did NOT just say that, Miss Lucy. You take that back and reframe this instant, because I know you! You’re no pessimist! Come on now! Tomorrow’s a new day.” (Sometimes when I encourage myself in the third person, I get a little bossy.)

Indeed, every day is a new day. So often, I forget this, and I think I know what will greet me every morning when I walk out the front door. But I don’t. And it’s empowering to embrace this fact, because it means that I open up my mind and be curious about the world in which I live. What’s more: I can forgive myself for my past mistakes, goofs, missteps, and stumbles and start fresh. I can let go of yesterday’s snafus, frustrations and set-backs and begin again. I can pick myself up from where I have fallen flat, and I can stride forward to see what new adventures await.

So today, I begin anew. I start fresh. Today is a new day. Who knows what awaits?

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