Walking the Talk

I have discovered something about myself. I am extremely good at talking and thinking about writing. Resistance to writing for me too often comes in the form of analysis, which keeps me happily and busily dissecting just why exactly it is that I’m not writing.

God, I find myself saying. Creative work is so hard. If only I could get past this block and just feel free to write and create…think how wonderful that would be! I wonder what’s stopping me. Maybe I need to be more disciplined. Or maybe I need to start a yoga practice. Or maybe it has something to do with my childhood…

And I’m off to the races.

But the creative blocks are most likely not going anywhere. They are part of the process. And I would rather not use valuable time complaining or worrying. This is the time that I have. And if I wait until I feel absolutely ready, maybe I’ll never get my words out into the world.

So without being overly harsh or judgmental towards myself, I want to start walking the talk more. I want to honor what I’ve done so far. That’s important to me. But I also want to catch myself when I begin to wring my hands in a helpless fashion. Or painstakingly teasing apart my motivation for avoiding writing. Because thinking about writing is different than writing.

So today, I take a few more steps.

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