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My name is Lucy Claire Curran, and this is the second installment of what I hope will be many episodes of what I’m calling The Crayon and the Pen; a video blog about my unique approach to career resources. I’m currently working as an Employment Case Manager, and there’s something about supporting people in finding their life’s work that has a lot of resonance for me. I’m playing with bringing resources to you here on my page that help marry the head and the heart, or that bring together our more creative capabilities and our more analytic or linear capabilities. read more

Perfectionism: Step by Step

Video Blog

Hello, my name is Lucy Claire Curran, and welcome to the Crayon and the Pen, my video blog and resource for people who want to have more fun with their work.

I am trying something today because I realized I was putting off creating video content because my usual perfectionism was getting in the way. I wanted to make sure it was just right, I wanted to nail down exactly what I was going to say, I wanted to hone my message, and I realized that the perfect topic for an installment of my video blog was perfectionism and how to really let it go when it’s getting in the way. I think there’s a place for polishing. I think there’s a place for attention to detail. Of course, it’s always part of the whole and, if you’re like me, you have sometimes let perfectionism stop you from even starting, from risking beginning a project that’s really important to you because it has to be perfect before you start. read more

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