My Method

It’s About YOU

All of my work with clients is premised on the belief that YOU, the client, already have the knowledge and wisdom you are seeking, it’s just that you need tools, support, and practice in accessing it. As your coach, my primary goal is to give you as many experiences as possible of accessing your own particular wisdom so that you build self-trust and gain clarity about the particular insights, skills, interests, and viewpoints you bring to the table.

Once you have this in focus for yourself, you can better articulate it to hiring managers, bosses, co-workers, and others.

With that said, my coaching work usually revolves around 4 central themes:

  1. In our busy world, less is often more: slow down!
  2. Self-care must come first.
  3. You know yourself better than anyone. Are you living out your own professional dreams or someone else’s?
  4. Are you connected to communities that feel personally meaningful? Are you able to both give and also receive support within these communities?

How I Work

Creative tools can help us access parts of our brains that we don’t usually use when we sit down to try and “figure our lives out”. I do my best to bring to each session exercises, tools, and practices that feel personally relevant and resonant for that particular person. A simple coloring project for one client might work wonders, and for another, working with fabric or making a simple book might work much better. For yet another client, movement and practicing vocal exercises to wake up the lungs and the vocal chords might be what’s needed.

In today’s world, we spend an awful lot of time sitting down hunched over piles of words, either on our screens or in printed publications. Creative processes are one way to startle ourselves out of hold patterns that have held us hostage.

You can change if you want to. As soon as you you are willing to risk stepping forward in a new way, you create S P A C E in which real change can unfold.

You may be asking, “okay, sure, but what does this look like specifically?”

As your coach, I can help you…

  • Polish your resume and cover letter
  • Nail your next interview
  • Revamp your web presence.
  • Articulate your value and advocate for yourself in the workplace
  • Develop better time management tools that work for YOU
  • Navigate career transitions with style

And we can find a way to tackle these projects that feels enlivening, fun, and authentic to YOU.