The Myth of the Better Half, (Part One)


From time to time in my life, I have shown up at a bar or restaurant by myself, and—as I stood beside the ‘Please Wait to be Seated’ sign—I have made eye contact with the host or hostess, and been asked:

“Just one?”

It doesn’t have to be a loaded question, but to me it often feels that way.

“Yup!” I’ll say, (too enthusiastically.)


“Just me today!” with a cheerful laugh, which is meant to reassure them that I feel great about my life, and they shouldn’t worry about me because I really—seriously!—do have friends with whom I go to restaurants and bars and such places, so my being alone on this particular occasion is completely, 100 percent, a choice. read more

If Not Now, When?


I have taken an almost two year hiatus from blogging. At the time, I let my blog become a burden, allowed it to become heavy until it weighed me down, and anything I wrote felt boring, irrelevant, and like an irksome duty.

I am returning to blogging because there is a great deal to say. I don’t mean by me, necessarily (although I do have a voice that I intend to put to use.) More than this, there are so many voices being cut out, intentionally silenced each day, and there are so many truths that deserve to be brought to the light, talked about, discussed, mulled over. read more

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