Walking the Talk


I have discovered something about myself. I am extremely good at talking and thinking about writing. Resistance to writing for me too often comes in the form of analysis, which keeps me happily and busily dissecting just why exactly it is that I’m not writing.

God, I find myself saying. Creative work is so hard. If only I could get past this block and just feel free to write and create…think how wonderful that would be! I wonder what’s stopping me. Maybe I need to be more disciplined. Or maybe I need to start a yoga practice. Or maybe it has something to do with my childhood… read more

Showing Up


I have been writing pretty much every morning, and I feel like a mess. It’s never good enough. But I want to give myself credit for showing up to the page, because, frankly, my writing will never be good enough in my eyes. I have started to realize that trying to prove myself to myself is a losing battle.

The page always stares me down. The blankness of it. And you know what’s funny? Not having anything to write about often makes me feel like I’m going to die. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. I think I’m a failure and a mess and I am going to die. I start to panic and then I resort to blaming myself. (Really productive, I know.) Why is it always so hard? And why do the stakes seem so, incredibly high? read more

Writer’s Block


I have been struggling with writer’s block. Only perhaps calling it “writer’s block” is insufficient. It’s more like “writer’s complete inability to stomach sitting down in the chair to face the notebook.”

There are times in my life when I have pushed and pushed and pushed so hard that my ability to convince myself to just buck up and power through simply dries up and disappears. At a certain point, it becomes too much, and I have to put the pen down for a while: maybe for the rest of the day; maybe for a week; maybe more. In The Artist’s WayJulia Cameron talks about cultivating practices that refill one’s creative well. She emphasizes how important it is to feed and nourish ourselves when we are doing creative work. She says it is not just important, but critical. read more

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