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I am a Career Coach who specializes in working with idealistic young professionals from a unique angle. I am a Harvard-educated artist, writer, and performer with a background in career services, and my coaching practice emphasizes marrying the head and the heart.

I can help you with the nuts and bolts of:

  • Polishing your resume and/or cover letter;
  • Navigating the job market and finding compelling opportunities;
  • Nailing your next interview.

I also support you in finding clarity about what you uniquely bring to the workplace so that you can get real traction in a career that you LOVE.

Let’s say that…

  • You long to find meaning and a supportive community through your work, and you are ready to find your tribe.
  • You are crystal clear on the work you wish you were doing, but you haven’t found the time, money, or energy to make it a reality;
  • You absolutely know–100%–that you bring real value to your organization, and you want to learn how to articulate that value and advocate for yourself more effectively for that promotion; your next raise; an exciting new project that you know would have a huge positive impact at your firm.

I believe that we can each have a fulfilling, impactful career that suit us, and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s career. I would love to support you in finding – or rediscovering – the work you personally want to do in the world. 


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heart: a radical approach to building careers that matter


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